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A special note about School Visits:

As we all know, author visits are impactful, inspirational, and meaningful learning experiences in a student’s life. Unfortunately, not every school can afford to host an author visit. However, I believe that every school should be able to host an author visit regardless of budget limitations. And with that in mind, I do my best to help out. Each school year, I offer several FREE school visits to Title 1 schools and schools in underprivileged communities. If you are interested in requesting a free author visit, please contact me.

SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES: IDEAS that Changed the World (through Entrepreneurship!)


Educators have called Lowey’s school visits “inspiring,” “incredible,” and “the best author visit we’ve ever had.”

Named a 2020-2021 Texas Bluebonnet Award author and "Education Expert to Follow in 2019," Lowey's school visits are inspiring kids to change the world with their IDEAS and ENTREPRENEURSHIP!

Lowey's presentation, “IDEAS that Changed the World (through Entrepreneurship!) brings real world business and topics of entrepreneurship to a level that kids understand and enjoy! Each 45-minute session includes stories of how brands like Nike, Apple, Disney, American Girl, Hershey, and Ben & Jerry's came to be, starting with its founder as a child. Lowey interweaves topics such as what is an entrepreneur, makes a great idea, who can be an entrepreneur (ANYONE!), and why this is important stuff (hint... one in eight kids will grow up to be an entrepreneur). The presentation ends with a short clip from "Shark Tank" along with an interactive analysis of the Shark Tank’s pitch. Students walk away excited, inspired, and truly believing in their unique ideas.

Length: 60 minutes: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for Q&A.

Best for grades 3, 4, 5 although happy to inspire anyone!  Please contact me to discuss my rates.

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In these interactive smaller group settings, Lowey helps kids think about how to turn their idea into a real business. She helps your students brainstorm ideas that fit their passion and interests. She uses and simplifies business concepts such as the 5P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People) and helps kids think about costs. And she walks students through the steps of turning an idea to a reality, right down to raising money and providing tips on pitching ideas to investors.

Length can be customized for Teacher’s needs. Please contact me to discuss my rates.


SKYPE: Talk to an author!

Can’t afford an author visit? Consider a SKYPE visit. These are free, quick 15-minute sessions where I answer your student’s questions about being an author, conducting research for books, and anything else you want to talk about. The conversation is a casual Q&A rather than a set presentation. NO FEE. Contact me to schedule a time slot.


“I would highly recommend Lowey coming to your schools and her books tie-in nicely with idea generation, creativity, and maker mindset.” - Librarian, Private school K-4 

“Your presentation was so informative and engaging. I've heard nothing but praise about your presentation from both staff and students throughout the day. Thanks for inspiring our students and for the positive messages and encouragement you provided. - Librarian, Public school K-4

“Teachers were impressed with your presentation. They thought you had a message that was nicely pitched to this age group and they loved how it complemented our curriculum.” - Librarian, Public School K-4

"Lowey was fabulous. One of my teachers said it was the best presentation by any of our authors. Her approach resonated with my kids and they learned things they never would have heard before." - Librarian, Public School K-5

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your name? This is the most common question I receive! Lowey is pronounced Low-E. "Low" rhymes with Go (not cow), then just add an "e." Bundy is easy. Sichol rhymes with nickel or pickle. Pronounce it like it's spelled Sickle.

What size group do you speak to? There is no limit to the size of the group. I am comfortable talking to a a small group (30-40 kids) or an an all-school assembly with hundreds of students. 

How many presentations do you give in a day? I prefer to do one big presentation but can do several in one day. Please contact me to discuss details, rates, etc.

What are your A/V equipment needs? I need to project my presentation with audio to a screen that everyone can see. Please also have a microphone available if I will be speaking to a larger crowd.

How much do you charge for a school visit? Please contact me to discuss rates.

Any tips on finding money to help pay for author visits? Yes! This article has helpful tips on how to help pay for author visits.

How should we prepare for your visit? Here’s a handy article that might help - Ten Tips for a Perfect Author Visit by Michael Shoulders. I’m pretty easy going, just give me a microphone, a screen for my presentation, and a fun group of kids and they’ll walk away excited and inspired.