Inspiring Future Entrepreneurs

Lowey Bundy Sichol is an author, speaker, MBA, and leading expert in teaching business and entrepreneurship to kids. Her nonfiction series, From an Idea to…, takes young readers (age 8-12) into the world of entrepreneurship through the true stories of how our favorite companies came to be. Lowey is also the creator of IDEA Tank for Kids, a “Shark Tank”- themed event that gives kids age 8-13 a chance to pitch their ideas to a panel of executives and entrepreneurs in your community or at your place of work.

Each year Lowey speaks to thousands of children across the nation, educating them about entrepreneurship and business and inspiring them to think about how their ideas could one day change the world.  more

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"Inspiring, honest and interesting. From an Idea to... books are the kind of books that create young entrepreneurs & inventors.” - Mrs. Mommy Book Nerd Book Reviews

Highly recommended.” - School Library Journal (on From an Idea to Google)

"A great purchase for schools." - School Library Journal (on From an Idea to Nike)

"Inspirational Fare."  - Kirkus Reviews


Lowey was recently named “Most Valuable Person in the Planet” by WGN Radio and featured in Publisher’s Weekly Magazine.